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What sets us apart from other schools is you can enroll today and start learning your new career tomorrow. 
Why wait? Enroll at Dental Staff  School and start 
your new career today! We are a full-time school with full-time staff! Because we are a full-time school the dental assisting program provides a wider range of essential skills needed to become a dental assistant not just on Saturdays. Students learn theory and knowledge throughout the week and offer a hands-on clinical, with the latest advances in technology, on Saturdays.  

What are you doing the next ten Saturdays?

 We’re leading the way with online, interactive classrooms. This means you can study to become a dental assistant at your own convenience. Combined with a hands-on class that meets for 10 Saturdays from 8am -5pm, you will find yourself moving into your future faster than imagined.
We provide job placement and our students are getting jobs. Listen to what our graduates  have to say about the training at the Dental Staff School.
We offer a blended format of 40 hours of teacher led web based training along with 80 contact hours of clinical hands-on training.
  • Corporate Hours of operation are  Monday thru Thursday from 8:30-4 and Saturday 8-5.
  • Scrubs for the Dental Staff School are Navy or teal and can be purchased from the school store.
  • We offer personalized instructional time Monday thru Thursday and teacher to student ratio is 1:8.
  • We are a full-time SCHOOL with a stand alone instructional facility.
  • No longer, will you have to wait for Saturday School. Free Job Placement assistance and referral service.
  • Explore. Get familiar! Tours All incoming students are encouraged to tour our facilities. During this orientation, the student will meet school officials who can set up expectations as well as answer any questions.

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We are located throughout the Southeast

GEORGIA: Marietta, Douglasville, & Newnan

TENNESSEE: Knoxville and Chattanooga

The program costs $3,600.00 – $5,000.00 (depending on state requirements) and includes an online classroom, 3 certifications, tuition, supplies, and RDA license in TN. Want more? We also offer front office administration, orthodontic assisting, and dental instructor training as well as continuing education classes for sealant, nitrous, and coronal polishing.
Take control of your education and start your career right away. Dental Staff School – Make it Happen.
This program allows the student to:  Keep their day job while attending school and more quickly move into the workforce where they can advance their career — rather than spending up to a year in a classroom.
The philosophy of the Dental Staff School is based on a belief that people can be trained in a relatively short period of time provided you focus on the critical skills to enter the world of professional Dental Assisting. Our course is developed by experienced Dentists and experienced practicing Dental Assistants working in the dental community every day.
Choosing a career as a Dental Assistant is a smart decision, since entry-level dental professionals are very much in demand now. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Dental Assistants is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2012. In fact, Dental Assisting careers are expected to be among the fastest growing occupations through 2015.
As a student you should plan on at least 6-8 hours of homework each week.
 DSS offers web-based learning support system as well as a hands-on learning environment.
Meeting Times/Days: 8:00 AM –5:00 PM – Every Saturday for ten weeks

Authorized by:

Non-public Post-secondary Education Commission 2082 East Exchange Place Suite 220. Tucker, GA 30084-5305

Tennessee Higher Education Commission Nashville, TN 37243-0830.
In order to view detailed job placement and completion information on the programs offered by the Dental Staff School, please visit

Disclosure on the transferability of credits shall be as follows in Tennessee


JANET WALDRON; President and Instructor EDFA, COT, and RDA:  Janet is the President of the Learn to Earn Dental Staff School. She has had over 25 years of experience in the practice of family dentistry. She holds her Radiation Hygiene from Emory University. Janet has taught, trained, and placed dental assistants over the past 18 years. Janet currently coaches and is a management consults for DENTISTRY INFUSION. Her background with Quest and Fortune Management offers a variety of dental courses including dental assisting training for instructors, implant coordinator, front office administrator, radiology, sealant, and nitrous continuing education courses.
 Janet resides in Marietta with her husband, two daughters, and two sons.

MARGUERITA MCMURRAY; Director Marguerita has 30 years of healthcare experience crossing various levels to include: Human resources, record analyst, implementation of curricula, policy and procedure design, with focus in proprietary healthcare education.

DR. JON WALDRON Director in Tennessee: is a graduate from Duke University and the University of Florida. He was a Captain in the Navel Reserve, where he has served as Commanding Officer of several dental and medical units. Private Practice Dentist at Waldron Dentistry

JESSICA DEMBY; Area Manager,EDFA Jessica is a highly trained dental professional who is expanding her knowledge and leadership skills. Jessica works with local communities and agencies to generate positive image for the referrals of our graduates.


DR. BLAIR WALDRON; has been in practice since 1999. A University of Georgia undergraduate, with a degree in Biology and a DMD from the Medical College of Georgia.

DR. ED SCHLISSEL; has a Masters of Science in Materials from the College of Engineering. He recently took early retirement to go into private practice, from the School of Dental Medicine at Stoney Brook University where he was Professor and Chair of the Department of General Dentistry.

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