Our school offers the best hands on training for dental assistants.

Start Dates for 2015:
August 11-October 20,2015
September 19-November 21, 2015

Georgia Dental Assisting Course

Douglasville, GA (Friday Classes)

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Start Date: July 10 through September 11, 2015
September 18-November 20, 2015

Marietta, GA (Saturday Classes)

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Marietta, GA (Tuesday and Thursday Evening Classes)

Start Date: August 11 through October 20, 2015
Times are from 4pm to 8pm
One week off for fall break September 22 & 24, 2015

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Newnan, GA (Saturday Classes)

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Newnan Fall Registration
September 19-November 21, 2015

Alabama Dental Assisting Course 

Alabama Registration and Enrollment Form Fall Class
September 19-November 21, 2015

Tennessee Dental Assisting Course

Knoxville, TN (Saturday Classes)

Click Link Knoxville Fall Registration

Chattanooga, TN (Saturday Classes)

Click Link Chattanooga Fall Registration
Start Date: September 18-November 20

Tennessee APPLICANTS must complete a background check NLT third week of school. Please visit:
 www.identogo.com Click on State, online scheduling,   Department of Health Licensure and Regulations
. The OCA number is 1222. 

APPLICATION: We will fill this form out in class. TN RDA application 2015  & TN DECLARATION OF CITIZENSHIP

 Continuing Educational Courses

Now Offering Nitrous, Sealant, and Coronal Polishing
The cost for each course is Nitrous $150 Sealant $235 Coronal Polishing $295

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