Our school offers the best hands on training for dental assistants.

Georgia Dental Assisting Course

Douglasville, GA (Friday Classes)

Click link Douglasville Enrollment for Spring Class
Start Date: March 18-May 20, 2016

Marietta, GA (Saturday Classes)

Click link Marietta Enrollment for Spring Class
March 19-May 21, 2016

Newnan, GA (Saturday Classes)

Click link Newnan Enrollment for Spring Class
March 19-May 21, 2016

Marietta, GA (Tuesday and Thursday Evening Classes)
February 23-April 28 No Class April 5 & 7
Click Link Marietta Evening Winter Class

Alabama Dental Assisting Course 

Pelham, AL (Saturday Classes)

Click Link Alabama Enrollment for Spring Class

Tennessee Dental Assisting Course

Knoxville, TN (Saturday Classes)

Click Link Knoxville Spring Registration March 19-May 21, 2016

Chattanooga, TN (Saturday Classes)
Start Date: February 20- April 23

Click Link Chattanooga Winter Registration February 20-April 23

Tennessee APPLICANTS must complete a background check NLT third week of school. Please visit:
 www.identogo.com Click on State, online scheduling,   Department of Health Licensure and Regulations
. The OCA number is 1222. 

APPLICATION: We will fill this form out in class. TN RDA application 2015  & TN DECLARATION OF CITIZENSHIP

 Continuing Educational Courses

Now Offering Nitrous, Sealant, and Coronal Polishing
The cost for each course is Nitrous $150 Sealant $235 Coronal Polishing $295

Sealant Class Knoxville, TN February 5 Friday February 5 from 9:30-3:30

Nitrous Class Knoxville, TN February 6 February 6 from 9-2

Coronal Polishing Knoxville, TN March 11  March 11 & 12

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