Our mission at Dental Staff School is to inspire and inform students who are ready to enter the exciting and fast-paced world of dental assisting. Since we believe education should be affordable and timely, we provide students with lessons and activities that aim to enhance their knowledge, skills, and performance at a pace that will complement their lives.

We are invested in you from day ONE!

One of the goals that Dental Staff School hold close to the core is the ability to offer an affordable and timely approach to education. You invested in your education, and the school; therefore, we will return that investment ten-fold to you! We are available 7 days a week to our students. Whether it is Monday thru Friday in office hours, Saturday in clinical instruction or Sunday remotely. When our students call, we answer.

We are proud to be one of the few post-secondary career schools that offers hands-on and skill-focused dental career training. Our philosophy is inspired by the idea that students can become trained professionals in a relatively short period. To that end, our instructors are experienced dentists, dental assistants, and teachers who have the unique ability to sharpen the critical thinking skills necessary for professional dental assisting.

Education should be available to EVERYONE!

Dental Staff School believes education is a lifelong pursuit and education has no bounds. Our school has the unique ability to educate and train new incomers to the workforce and those that are looking to simply make a career change. The curriculum the school has developed caters to all learning styles. 

We strive to ensure success for our students and graduates as they face the challenges of a growing in a technologically advanced field in the 21st century. Dental Staff School helps its student body meet these challenges in two specific ways. First, DSS is one of the few dental assisting schools to offer a shadowing portion to the curriculum, allowing for optimal field experience and the practical application of class instruction. Second, DSS utilizes an online portion to enhance the instruction throughout the week. This online dimension creates a self-disciplined and technologically savvy student body.

Our reach is WIDE!

Dental Staff School held its’ first graduating class in 2006. Since then the school has graduated 2,500+ dental assistants. We see the continuing need for dental assistants and office staff increase each year. Since 2006 Dental Staff School has also opened six satellite locations throughout the southeastern area of the United States. With the need ever growing, Dental Staff School will continually provide unsurpassed education to its’ students and will further provide the dental community with top-notched trained staff. 

Dental Staff School has locations is Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida and conducts classes four times a year (January, March, July, and September). The school offers targeted courses in Dental Assisting, Radiology and Safety, Expanded Duties, Nitrous Oxide, Coronal Polishing, Sealant Placement, Orthodontics, Office Administration, BLS CPR, and OSHA – BBP.  

Let us be a part of your journey!