There are many job opportunities for the qualified dental assistants to assist dentists in the dental profession. Although one desires to be trained in this profession, however, there are challenges that prevent them from attending school. It is difficult for most people to attend school on a full time basis because they have to work to earn a living. The expense necessary to finance schooling in a major college is also another reason most people are discouraged in pursuing further education. We feel that the dental assisting program offered at our school will meet these challenges. The nighttime or weekend class schedules are designed to accommodate working students. The very affordable tuition fee will also solve the financing issues for most prospective students. Students are accepted regardless of sex, race, age, marital status, religious creed, ethnic or national origin.
The Dental Assisting Curriculum is an instructional program providing a twelve-week Dental Assisting Course consisting of 120 hours of lecture and lab and a 32 hour externship with a practicing dentist. The program utilizes a hands-on educational approach where students learn by doing. The course includes lectures on fundamentals of general dentistry and the basic skills, knowledge and technical proficiency necessary to assist the dentist in the various operative procedures performed in a dental clinic. Completion of the program will allow the student to have enough training to qualify for an entry level position in a dental office. We are approved by the state Board of Dentistry for Georgia for expanded duties. Our course will include certification for radiology. 
We provide job placement, and our students are getting jobs. 


Hands on training in an actual dental office.

Dental Staff School values its diverse student population and is committed to providing these students with high quality, comprehensive instructional programs and support services that improve student success and offer clear pathways to achieve personal, educational, and career goals. In doing so, the school develops in students the knowledge, skills, and values that prepare them to be productive participants in the global community.


Driven by the pursuit of unparalleled student success, Dental Staff School will provide access to innovative learning opportunities that promote the power of learning.


We have strong core values:

  • Support and promote student success
  • Promote excellence in teaching, learning, and service
  • Support innovation and creativity to enhance and enrich learning
  • Celebrate diversity in people, philosophies, cultures, beliefs, programs and learning
  • Promote respect and trust in all people regardless of background, including students, community members and employees
  • Foster integrity
  • Develop nurturing and supportive partnerships with our educational, business and industry communities
  • Support comprehensive curricular offerings
  • Promote inclusiveness in a collaborative decision-making process


Dental Staff school embraces community, diversity, innovation, and active learning. We strive for high academic and ethical standards, and academic freedom. We believe in the worth and dignity of all our learners.

Corporate Hours of operation are  Monday thru Friday from 9-4.

We offer personalized instructional time Monday thru Thursday and teacher to student ratio is 1:8.

We are a full-time SCHOOL with a stand alone instructional facility.

Explore. Get familiar with a Tour! All incoming students are encouraged to tour our facilities. During this orientation, the student will meet school officials who can set up expectations as well as answer any questions.

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Authorized by:

Non-public Post-secondary Education Commission 2082 East Exchange Place Suite 220. Tucker, GA 30084-5305

Dental Staff School is authorized for operation as a postsecondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission Nashville, TN 37243-0830.
In order to view detailed job placement and completion information on the programs offered by the Dental Staff School, please visit  compliance/postsecondary-state-authorization/authorized-institutionsnd-data/institutionsand click on the authorized institutions data button.

Disclosure on the transferability of credits shall be as follows in Tennessee