Here is what students say about the
Dental Staff School: 


Michele Mehler 5star
An amazing school to start a very rewarding career. Instructors that don’t just teach you, they encourage you and work side by side with you to see one, do one teach one. The entire team effort will be your family long after you have taken your last class. So, what are you doing for the next 10 weeks?
Kassandra Hernandez
2 weeks ago
i have been out of school for a while and i was scared to return to any classroom base school but this place is really awesome. The Teachers really help you, answer all your questions and work with you. I am almost done with my course and i …More

Stephanie Evans

Stephanie Evans
3 months ago
The dental staff school was an amazing instution. I loved my instructors, enjoyed my externship and now am working for a wonderful lifelong career!

Stephanie Cantrell

Stephanie Cantrell
a month ago
I love it here! I love my instructors and they truly have helped me a lot and you can tell that they care about the students and want the best for them.

Ashley Owens

Ashley Owens
9 months ago
I found my experience to be rewarding. I loved the instructors and I loved learning everything so that when I went into the dental office I knew what I was doing. The internship really helped as well. Great program!

Jessie Wright

Jessie Wright
8 months ago
Amazing school! I learned so much and have enjoyed my time here. The instructors are awesome and really prepare us for our career.

Hey, Janet! Not sure if you got my email a few weeks back. I got a job here in Morristown. He’s a general dentist. He was so pleased with all the information from the school. I really think that’s what landed me the position. Thank you and the other instructors so much for such a wonderful school experience! I’m so excited to start a new career in dentistry! This is my second week and I’m loving it! I started assisting the second day and even though every Dr. is different, I think he’s impressed with what I know. Thank you! Emily H from Morristown, TN

“The ten Saturday schedule seemed to go by fast. Before I knew, I had earned my Dental Assistant certificate and was interviewing future dental practice employers.” Amy F from Acworth, GA

“I got a job right after taking the Dental Assistant course. As promised, I found dentists really were looking for job applicants with my new training. I love being in a professional atmosphere where people respect me and it gives me a lot of satisfaction helping young children.” Kayla K. from Dallas, GA

“I was self-assured and ready to do the best job from day one of work.” I learned more in ten weeks than I did the year at a local university without the hassle of credit based hours and the expense.” Jessica C. Powder Springs, GA

“I finally feel like I am on a career track that will work well for me. How can I put a value on such a milestone in my life.” Angie from Macon, GA

“Oh! Where do I begin? It has proven to be everything described, and an exciting career choice, so far. I have really enjoyed learning new advanced dental procedures” Marisol Z. from Marietta, GA

“My dental assistant job is perfect for my career, and will also help me with my other responsibilities for my family. The hands on training made it easier to learn and I was able to double my rate of pay in just ten weeks and I Love my new job and employer.” Amanda G. from Hampton, GA “I feel like I received the same training as other schools in less than half the time, plus all the great hands on experience.” I will now have the opportunity for a better life for myself and family” Nicole W. from Sharpsburg, GA

“I’m a very fast learner and enjoyed the hands on clinic we did each week. We were able to use our skills shortly after the start of the program. My own dentist was amazed at how quickly we were taught and how much knowledge I had received from the program.”
Heather S from Columbus, GA

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