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Job Description for Dental Assistant 2015

A dental assistant’s duties include hands-on work with dental patients, assisting the dentist, and/or performing clerical functions in a dental clinic. Depending on an individual’s certification and goals, any of these are possible job tasks. If an individual would like hands-on work in the dentist’s office, their duties may include prepping the patient for a particular operation; this particular duty would involve knowledge of the teeth and most dental procedures. The dental assistant would then assist the dentist in performing the procedure, and do such things as handing the dentist the required instruments. Becoming a dental assistant usually involves working one-on-one with the dentist, requires the ability to multi-task and has excellent communication skills. Enroll today, for a dental career, at the Dental Staff School.


Dental Assistant Salaries for 2015


Exciting new career path

Exciting new career path

Women encompass the majority of Dental Assistants in the United States. Individuals in this line of work make around $14.00 per hour on average graduating from the Dental Staff School. Total cash compensation for Dental Assistants runs from $22K to $43K depending on your location, career path or specialty. Job satisfaction for Dental Assistants is high. Medical benefits are awarded to over a third, and just over two-fifths earn dental coverage. The information for this rundown comes from respondents who completed a Dental Staff School salary questionnaire.